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Talent Concept

Talent Concept

Enterprise talent values

The company respects and cherishes talents, and provides all conditions for the growth, value development and creation of talents to the maximum. However, the connotation and extension of the talent values of our company are much larger than textbooks or popular ideas in society. We believe that the "talent" of talents in today's society does not only refer to "talent" (learning, talents and professional skills), but is interlinked with the word "finance", which can be understood as: talent is the creator of social wealth, and should also be The gainer and owner of social wealth, so if the word "cai" cannot be connected with "cai", that is, when wealth cannot be created, it cannot be called a talent.

Corporate team values

"Enterprise" is a combination of "person" and "stop".

By sharing the "people", everything will stop and "stop". Therefore, the biggest capital of an enterprise is talent. This kind of talent is not an individual in quantity, but a group one by one. If team members can complement each other's strengths, share resources, cherish each other's courage, and share honor and disgrace, they will form an effect of 1+1>2.

Talent Concept


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